Surah Yaseen Colour Coded Pdf in Arabic Text Read Online

 Assalamoalaikum, My dear friends, if you are searching on the internet for the Surah Yaseen Colour Coded PDF, but cannot find it.

Therefore this post is written for you.

In this post, you can read Surah Yaseen in Arabic with Color Coded Text very easily.

How to Read Color Coded Surah Yaseen Online

Before reading the color-coded Surah Yaseen, we need to know some of Tajweed's key points, so then it will be easy to read.

There are 6 major color codes you need to learn

• Ikhfa: - If any following letters appear after Noon, Saakin, or Tanween, then Ikhfaa which is known as a nasal sound equal to one alif should be made.

There are 15 letters of Ikhfaa in Arabic.

These are 

• Ikhfa Meem Saakin

• Qalqala Qalb

• Idghaam

• Idgham Meem Saakin

• Ghunna

For learning the Quran Tajweed in full detail you can visit Quran Tajwed.

May, Allah give you the blessing to improve your knowledge.

Surah Yaseen Colour Coded Arabic Text Images Read Online







I hope you read this surah yasin, and if you want to save these images you can do so.

Although we have provided Yasin Surah with color images pdf file.

Surah Yaseen Color Coded Pdf in Arabic

Friends, if you are interested in saving Yasin Surah in color-coded pages, below we provide you a pdf link.

There you will be able to save Yaseen Surah pdf with color-coded pages very easily.



I hope you learn easily Surah Yaseen Colour Coded in Arabic Text.

If we made any mistake in this post, or you have any query or suggestion for us,

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