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Surah Alaq in English is a Makki Surah. There are 19 Ayats in this Surah. In Quran, it's available with the name of Surah Al-Alaq in Para No.30.

Friends you can read and download pdf Surah Alaq in English. Here we provide Surah Alaq in English Text and its Pdf file also.

An Arabic word Alaq means “Clinging” or “Attachment”. Second verse of this blessed chapter of The Holy Quran discusses the process of creation human in the womb of its mother.

The Almighty Allah has talked about this fact probably 1437 years ago in His Book when the entire Mankind was unfamiliar.

Surah Alaq in English Pdf

    Surah Alaq Transliteration Text in English

    Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem
    In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

    1. Iqra biismi rabbika allathee khalaqa
    Recite thou in the name of thy Lord Who hath created -

    2. Khalaqa alinsana min AAalaqin
    Hath created man from a clot!

    3. Iqra warabbuka alakramu
    Recite thou: And thy Lord is the Most Bounteous,

    4. Allathee AAallama bialqalami
    Who hath taught mankind by the pen -

    5. AAallama alinsana ma lam yaAAlam
    Hath taught man that which he knew not.

    6. Kalla inna alinsana layatgha
    By no means: Verily man exorbitateth.

    7. An raahu istaghna
    As he bethinkest himself selfsufficient.

    8. Inna ila rabbika alrrujAAa
    Verily Unto thy Lord is the return.

    9. Araayta allathee yanha
    Bethinkest thou him who forbiddeth,

    10. AAabdan itha salla
    A bondman of Ours when he prayeth *

    11. Araayta in kana AAala alhuda
    Bethinkest thou, if he is himself guided,

    12. Aw amara bialttaqwa
    Or he commandeth piety?

    13. Araayta in kaththaba watawalla
    Bethinkest thou, if he belieth and turneth away?

    14. Alam yaAAlam bianna Allaha yara
    Knoweth he not that Allah beholdeth?

    15. Kalla lain lam yantahi lanasfaAAan bialnnasiyati
    By no means! If he desist not We shall seize and deal him by the forelock -

    16. Nasiyatin kathibatin khatiatin
    A forelock, lying, sinning.

    17. FalyadAAu nadiyahu
    Then, let him call his assembly,

    18. SanadAAu alzzabaniyata
    We also shall call the infernal guards.

    19. Kalla la tutiAAhu waosjud waiqtarib
    By no means! Obey not thou him. Continue to adore, and continue to draw nigh.

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